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The opportunities of having your own personal assistant along you & your business' journey!

My role is to support you through your invaluable time as a professional. My advanced skills as a dancer give me the ability to perform, create, listen, and multi-task in more professions beyond dance. We will work one-on-one to fulfill your various tasks and needs!
Offering both in-person and virtual assistant options!
What tasks can I perform for your business?

Website Assistance

- Learn & Monitor Website

- Aid in Marketing & Texting Services

- Scheduling Services

Content Creation & Development

- Social Media Posts

- New Client Forms & Intake Forms

- Movie & Music Editing

- Dance / Personal Training Programs

- Flyers

Email Services

- Send & Respond to Emails

- Compose & Edit Email Content


- Text Correspondence

- Conduct Research for Availability

- Organize Documents from Team

What People Say

"Aurora has been an asset to my company & personal develop over the past 5 years. Her expertise, knowledge & wisdom has not only helped expand my vision but also assisted me along my personal journey. As an aligned personal assistant she brings creativity, organization & clear communication all while bringing joy, support & light to my life."

— Rebecca Guile
Creator of LIV

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